Clips in Time


Ladies and Gentlemen! God bless you all. I have just released my second project entitled “Clips in Time“. Clips in Time
Please take this journey, as I have have, on the road of life’s ups and down, and let’s see if our paths cross. I bet they will.

There is something in this music for everyone. If you are spiritual being, which we all are, then you will relate. I know you will enjoy these songs as much as I have. Some of these songs literally haunted me for months while I was writing them. Try them and see if they don’t captivate you for weeks and maybe even months as you listen to the songs over and over again. They are very powerful!

Yes, I penned the words and wrote the music and sang them and all of that, but please don’t give me credit as a good song writer. I must, in all honesty, give credit to the “Great Spirit” or as some may call Him, God, Emanuel, Jeshua, Father, Jehovah, Elohim, El, Elah, etc.

Now I do not claim to be a prophet, for I am not, in the true sense of the word, but yes, the songs are inspired by more than just the “natural man” Did they come supernaturally? Yes, I think so. I would just start writing the words and playing the music. The next thing I know, I was being haunted by this song and I couldn’t get it out of my head. The new CD has been out for months now, and mind you, I was working on these songs well before the album was released, and the music is still stuck in my head!


Clips in Time – Track Listing

Clips in Time
No. Title Writer(s) Length Listen for free Purchase
1 ♦I Don’t Mind Helping You Darrell Hansen 3:55
      I Don't Mind Helping You
2 Golden Hills Darrell Hansen 3:46
3 ♦I Don’t Want You to Go Darrell Hansen 4:43
4 I’ll Be Home by Spring Darrell Hansen 3:18
5 The Prayer Darrell Hansen 3:18
6 Just Fun to Be with You Darrell Hansen 3:18
7 Soldier of Liberty Darrell Hansen 4:20
8 Moving On Darrell Hansen 3:19
9 ♦Jeannette’s Song Darrell Hansen 3:51
      Jeannette's Song
10 ♦Where Are You Mamma Darrell Hansen 3:47
11 The Holiday Song Darrell Hansen 3:37
12 ♦Empty Space Darrell Hansen 4:38
13 Will You Come Darrell Hansen 5:00

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