King in My Eyes


King in My Eyes CDDarrell Hansen and Apryl Lammers (Hansen) release their second album together. Music from “King In My Eyes” will touch you in many ways. Life’s experiences come to life through this music that is sure to leave an indelible impression on your heart.



King in My Eyes – Track Listing

King in My Eyes
No. Title Writer(s) Length Listen for free Purchase
1 ♦I Don’t Mind Helping You Darrell Hansen 3:55
      I Don't Mind Helping You
2 Just Fun to Be with You Darrell Hansen 3:18  
      Just Fun to Be with You
3 ♦Jeannette’s Song Darrell Hansen 3:51
      Jeannette's Song
4 ♦King in My Eyes Darrell Hansen 4:06
5 ♦I Don’t Want You to Go Darrell Hansen 4:43
6 I Will Lift up Mine Eyes (PS 121; 1-3) Darrell Hansen 2:54
7 The Prayer Darrell Hansen 3:18
8 Despised by so Many Darrell Hansen 3:48
9 ♦I’ll Be Home by Spring Darrell Hansen 3:18
10 Will You Come Darrell Hansen 5:00

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