Please Don’t Kill Me Again


Please Don’t Kill Me Again

This work has gotten great reviews by all, and is a prize for those guitar lovers, a real winner!
Imagine music that glorifies God, and has some great guitar leads at the same time! This music is uplifting!
In a day when there is much to be down about, it is good to have music that keeps you focused, and reminds you that there is a God, and that He is in control.

Not just space fillers or empty words, this music is doctrine, emotional, relative, and it’s real.
It’s written from a heart that loves the Lord. It’s also written from the real life experiences of Darrell Hansen.


Please Don’t Kill Me Again – Track Listing

Please Don’t Kill Me Again
No. Title Writer(s) Length Listen for free Purchase
1 Despised by so Many Darrell Hansen 3:48 cdbaby
2 Be Not Far from Me (PS 22; 11 & 19) Darrell Hansen 2:40
3 All Men Darrell Hansen 3:48
4 Through the Twilight Darrell Hansen 3:48
5 I Waited Patiently (PS 40; 1) Darrell Hansen 3:00
6 Please Don’t Kill Me Again Darrell Hansen 4:05   
      Please Don't Kill Me Again
7 The Steps of a Good Man (PS 37; 23) Darrell Hansen 2:32
8 Life’s Highway Darrell Hansen 3:21
9 Long Enough Darrell Hansen 3:10
10 I Will Lift up Mine Eyes (PS 121; 1-3) Darrell Hansen 2:54

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