Get in gear for the holidays with “The Holiday Song”


Looking for a good holiday song expressing the feelings of the holidays? Check out “The Holiday Song” by Darrell Hansen.

“When the leaves begin to fall
It’s that season of the year.
The nights become frosty and cold.
When the geese begin to fly,
The holidays are near,
Bringing an end, to another year.”

I remember growing up in the beautiful state of Ohio. Autumn was always a special time of the year for me. As the leaves began to turn from their summer green to anywhere from light green, yellow, orange, bright red, or all of the above, not only was it a time of spectacular beauty giving us a short but amazing demonstration of God’s majestic artwork, but it signaled a time to make ready for many seasonal activities. It was time to start gathering sap from the Maple trees, time to start gearing up for hunting and trapping season. It was time to fill the wood box, and enjoy the comfort of a cozy evening around the snap, crackle, and pop of the dancing flames, and ambiance of our source of winter warmth, and your favorite cheerful holiday song.

The nights were getting cold and the geese were beginning to fly south. I still remember gathering and cutting the firewood for the winter. The wood burning stove was our primary source of heat. We had propane heat, but it was very expensive and dad wouldn’t let us use it very often. Many times we would purchase, what we called slab wood, from one of the area sawmills that were taking advantage of the many hard wood trees that were found in the nearby forests. We had Ash, Hickory, Locust, Oak, Maple,Osage-Orange and many other species.

I would sometimes gather Sassafras root in the fall, and even had a small market for it.

We were also looking forward to something else at this beautiful time of the year, and if you are from Ohio, you know it was not necessarily the butt deep snow, running a trap line, or walking the miles it took to manage it. No, we began to look forward to the holidays; that time with family, a scrumptious dinner, and a break from school! Yes, it was an enjoyable season of the year.

Thanksgiving day is my favorite holiday. It is just an uncomplicated time of family, eating, music, and board games. That stuffing turns out different every year, but I cannot remember ever having bad stuffing!

On my first Thanksgiving as a married man, and as a new Christian, we had an unusual Thanksgiving dinner. I had bagged a squirrel, but didn’t think that would be enough for dinner, so I bought two Cornish Hens, and cooked them in the fireplace.

Then at Christmas time, it was customary for the whole family to go to grandpa and grandma’s house in Cleveland. It was an hour drive or so, and I remember the beautiful lights on the way. As a kid, I remember tearing through all the gifts. It was always a fun time. We kids always made out really good between my folks, the grandparents, and aunt Dotsy.

After all of the madness around the tree, and playing with all of the new things for a while, we would eventually settle in to a great meal. Grandma was an excellent cook!

Yes, the holidays! What a wonderful time to unwind with family and friends! This was the inspiration for the “Holiday Song”. Hope you enjoy it.

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      The Holiday Song

The Holiday Song” is on the “Clips In Time” album.
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Enjoy! Darrell.

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